Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mittwochs Film Series at the Goethe Institute: Through the German Eye

Parallel to the exhibition “The German Eye” the Goethe Institute presents two films that show America “Through the German Eye”. Directed by German filmmakers, the feature film “Don’t Come Knocking” and the documentary “Idiosyncrasies” reflect American realities and clichés at the same time, Western movies and surf films.
First up:  

Wednesday, November 14, 6:30pm

Don’t Come Knocking
Director: Wim Wenders, Austria, 2005, 122 min.

Howard Spence (Sam Shepard) has seen better days. Once a big Western movie star, he now drowns his disgust for his selfish and failed life with alcohol, drugs and young women. If he were to die now, nobody would shed a tear over him, that's the sad truth. Until one day Howard learns that he might have a child somewhere out there. The very idea seems like a ray of hope that his life wasn't all in vain. So he sets out to find that young man or woman. He discovers an entire life that he has missed… 

Followed by: 

Wednesday, November 28, 6:30pm
© Harbor Bill, Surfing OutlawDirector: Patrick Trefz, USA, 2010, 60 min.
The documentary portraits ten people who have influenced the surf history during the last 30 years tremendously. “Idiosyncrasies” presents an exploration of some truly unique minds, revealing what's behind the impact of some of surfing's most influential underground individuals, with their unique characteristics that manifest both on land and in the water. 

Filmmaker and photographer Patrick Trefz will be at the Goethe-Institut for the film screening which is followed by a Q&A with him. His Photographs are part of the exhibition “The German Eye”.

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