Thursday, June 20, 2013

German 1B at the Mission Campus - Fall 2013 - Goodbye Lenin!

As part of German 1B this fall semester, students will view, at the end of each class, 10 minutes of the German film "Goodbye Lenin"  This will be for both fun and learning!  Check out the trailer below to get just a taste of the movie. Register now at CCSF for German 1B, Wednesdays at the Mission Campus, 6:00 p.m. - 9:05:

Friday, June 14, 2013

German Classes at CCSF - Fall 2013 - Enroll Now!

The summer session is already underway and in no time, the Fall 2013 semester will begin on August 14 (the week of the 26th for some German classes).  Here's the schedule for German classes, offered at three campuses for your convenience.  Enroll now, classes do fill up!  If you are a new student, apply first for admission, then enroll.  


GERM 1       71460         TR    11:10-01:25    BNGL 701    BRUNNER 
GERM1A     71001         TR    11:10-01:25    BNGL 701    BRUNNER* 
GERM1B     71008        TR    11:10-01:25     BNGL 701   BRUNNER♣♣ 


GERM1        73665      TR 06:00-08:45         DNTN          619 SCHWARZER* 
GERM1A    74116       TR 06:00-08:45   DNTN          619 SCHWARZER 
GERM1B    74522      TR 06:00-08:45         DNTN          619 SCHWARZER 
GERM2A    71822     T 06:00-09:20             DNTN          822 HOELSCHER** 
GERM2B    71926      T 06:00-09:20             DNTN          822 HOELSCHER** 
GERM4A    A0004  W 06:00-09:15             DNTN          619 SCHWARZER*** 
GERM11A  A0005  W 06:00-09:15            DNTN          619 SCHWARZER*** 


GERM1A 74115          T 06:00-09:20        MIC             454 BRUNNER** 
GERM1B 75071         W 06:00-09:05            MIC             201 PAHL*** 

Begins 8/26/13 Ends 10/24/13 
Begins 8/26/13 Ends 11/4/13 
* Begins 8/26/13 Ends 12/19/13 
** Begins 8/27/13 Ends 12/19/13 
*** Begins 8/28/13 Ends 12/19/13 
Begins 8/29/13 Ends 12/19/13 
♣♣ Begins 9/25/13 Ends 12/19/13 
*** Begins 8/28/13 Ends 12/19/13
Begins 8/29/13 Ends 12/19/13 
♣♣ Begins 9/25/13 Ends 12/19/13 
Begins 9/26/13 Ends 12/19/13 

Monday, June 10, 2013

German 1B at the Mission/Valencia Campus - Fall 2013 - Join Us!

Nikolaus Braun, Berlin Street Scene, 1921
If you took German 1A in the spring semester or the summer session, you're probably hooked on German and want to continue (richtig?).  Join Frau Pahl at the Mission/Valencia campus in the Fall and dive into Kapitel 4-7 of Deutsch.  Na Klar!  (6th ed.)  Here are the topics covered in those chapters:

Kapital 4: Mein Tag (die Uhrzeit, Pläne mache, Kino, Musik und Theater)

Kapitel 5: Einkaufen (Kleidungstücke, Beim Einkaufen im Kaufhaus, Lebensmittel)

Kapital 6: Wie gehen aus (Lokale, die Speisekarte, bitte!, im Restaurant)

Kapital 7: Freizeit und Sport (Sportarten, Hobbys und andere Vergnügungen, Jahreszeiten und Wetter)

Of course, there will be grammar!   Finally, you will learn to express yourself in the past tense!

The vibrant Mission Campus is well-served by public transportation, with BART @ 24th Street a short walk down trendy Valencia Street, as well as the #14 and #49 MUNI bus lines.  Street parking is also available, especially as you go past 22nd and Valencia.  And there is a bike lane straight down Valencia.  And sidewalks if you come by foot!

If you've had some German in the past, whether high school or college and don't want to start at the absolute beginning, German 1B could be a good choice.  Just come to the class and the instructor can assess if this would be the level for you.

Classes are on Wednesdays and begin August 28th, from 6:00-9:05.   Bis dann!

The Longest German Word has been Retired - Auf Wiedersehen!

If you've been studying German for any length of time now, you're probably aware that the language is as bit like a set of Lego blocks, with words added to other words (compound nouns) to create bold new concepts!  Will the world miss 


Probably not!  Read the short story from NPR here and hear the word pronounced, then try to say it on your own!