Monday, August 22, 2016

How to pronounce the "ch" in German

The "ch" sound in German can differ, depending on its "environment."  Watch/listen to this short presentation on the pronunciation of "ch."

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Why learn German? Here are 10 good reasons why!

If you're contemplating enrolling in a German language class for Fall 2016 at CCSF, check out this slideshow from the Goethe Institute.  As if you need any more persuasion.  Just enroll.  Right now!  It's smart and fun to learn German!

Learning German promotes cultural understanding

The Sounds of German - Umlauts - Pronunciation Exercises

Check out this useful website for pronunciaton: "Die Laute des Deutschen",  This comes from the University of Iowa "Sounds of Speech" series.  Of course, you can explore the entire site, but right now, focus on the "Monodipthonge", including "vorn", zentral" and "hinten."  Here you can practice the pronunciation of the umlauts.  When you click on a pronunciation symbol, such as /y/, you will bring up the video window with sound files for each example, in this case the "ü" umlaut.  Go through all three of these categories and practice, practice, practice!   Nicht vergessen:  Übung macht den Meister! (oder die Meisterin).