Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas in Germany - Es Weihnachtet Sehr!

Christmas in Germany is a special time, after all, many of the customs we have today in the United States were brought here by German immigrants. The decorated Christmas tree, for example, or the Christmas hymn "Silent Night" (Stille Nacht). The Christmas market(Weihnachtsmarkt, Christkindelsmarkt)is a particular hallmark of the German Christmas. Watch the video here to find out more about the joys of Christmas in Germany. Also check out the links to the various Christmas markets across the country as well as Christmas customs and traditions and Christmas recipes (right bar).

Monday, November 15, 2010

New for Spring 2011: 5-Unit German 1 Day and Evening and More-Put Your German Language Studies on the Fast Track!

This Spring semester, 2 new 5-unit German 1 courses have been added to the schedule, one during the day, M-F and one during the evening, Tu, Th. Of course, there are other courses to suit your schedule, so check them out. Registration for Spring 2011 classes start on Tuesday, November 23 and classes fill up quickly, so be sure to register as soon as possible! Seriously!


GERM 1 39869 M-F 09:00-10:00 MUB 271 SCHWARZER
GERM 1A 39968 M-F 09:00-10:00 MUB 271 SCHWARZER***
GERM 1B 39969 M-F 09:00-10:00 MUB 271 SCHWARZER♪♪
GERM 2 35255 TR 11:30-02:00 HC 207 BRUNNER
GERM 2A 34080 TR 11:30-02:00 HC 207 BRUNNER**
GERM 2B 33888 TR 11:30-02:00 HC 207 BRUNNER♪


CASTRO/VALENCIA (450 Church St.)
GERM 1A 30973 R 6:30-9:50 EVRT 115 BENHAM♪♪
GERM 2A 36905 T 6:30-9:50 EVRT 115 BENHAM*
GERM 2B 36906 T 6:30-9:50 EVRT 115 BENHAM*
GERM 10B 39971 W 6:00-9:20 EVRT 115 BENHAM***
DOWNTOWN (800 Mission St.)
GERM 1 39967 TR 6:00-8:45 DNTN 720 HOELSCHER
GERM 1B 30975 TR 6:30-8:45 DNTN 720 HOELSCHER♦♦
GERM 3B 39754 M 6:00-9:30 DNTN 725 SCHWARZER
GERM 10A 30038 W 6:00-9:20 DNTN 625 BRUNNER***
GERM 11A 39769 M 6:00-9:30 DNTN 725 SCHWARZER