Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sausage Fight Breaks out at Daimler-Benz Meeting!

Daimler, the parent company for Mercedes, was set to make headlines when they announced the highest ever dividend in company history during their annual shareholders meeting, but little did they know that a fight over the sausage served at the event would be the story that grabbed all the attention.
A generous buffet, including 12,500 sausages for the 5,500 in attendance, turned into a small battleground when a woman felt a man was helping himself to what she believed was a more than reasonable amount of sausage.
When she confronted the man, who allegedly was making himself a little doggy bag of sausage to take home with him, the confrontation took a turn for the worse, leading to the police being called in to break up the raucous.
There is no questioning a German’s love for sausage, but when police have be called in to break up a fight over the tasty link of meat, that love affair has clearly gone too far.

Why do Germans speak English with a certain accent?

You can learn a lot as an English speaker learning Germany by watching this video and doing some "reserve engineering", linguistically speaking.  It's longish but informative.