Sunday, January 18, 2015

Berlin & Beyond: 19th Film Festival at the Castro Theater and Goethe Institute - January 29 - February 3, 2015

Berlin & Beyond Film Festival
The 19th Berlin & Beyond Film Festival opens on January 29th at the Castro Theater.  Click here for ticket, event, and movie schedule.

Auf das Leben!  Opening night film at Berlin & Beyond:

12 Hours in Berlin - Take a Quick Tour of the Hauptstadt, from one Insider's View

Take a tour of Herbert Hoffman's Kreuzberg.  Formerly known only as a predominantly Turkish neighborhood, Kreuzberg has evolved into something different. Sure, you still find the great Turkish markets and the Döner restaurants, but there is also a refined nightlife scene, great shopping places and new developments on every corner. In spite of gentrification rearing its ugly head over the street corners, Kreuzberg remains one of the most loved and most diverse parts of Berlin. Come along, let’s explore it – and let’s spend 12hrs with Herbert in Berlin!

Monday, December 29, 2014

German at CCSF: Spring 2015. Get your German on!

CCSF will offer an array of German classes this Spring 2015.  Continue your 1A course with 1B or continue 1B with 2A.  To take the same courses without the "pressure" of grades and written tests, and with more of an emphasis on speaking German, enroll in 10A, 10B or 10C.  German 3A will be combined with 10D, Click here to go the complete schedule.  Enroll now and "Get Germanized".

Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Wende Museum: Commemorating the Cold War

Tesla Radio
Stasi Briefcase
If you're down in the Southland, in L.A. (Culver City), check out the Wende Museum.  With an impressive collection, it preserves the cultural artifacts and personal histories of Cold War-era Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union to inform and inspire a broad understanding of the period and its enduring legacy.   "Wende," a German word meaning "turning point," refers to the collapse of communist East Germany in 1989 and the creation of a reunified German state a year later. The term more broadly represents the end of Soviet communism and the beginning of a new epoch in Eastern Europe and Soviet Bloc countries, an era marked by political changes with profound social and cultural consequences. In many ways, the “Wende” continues, making it an ideal name for a museum devoted to the Cold War-era and its present and future ramifications.  
Trabant Radio