Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Some German Classes Are Still Open: 2, 2A, 2B at the Ocean Campus

Students who took 1B last semester or in previous semesters, here's your chance to continue your German language learning.  Did you have a couple of years of German in high school or previously at the college level?  Take the German advisory placement test to see if a German 2 level class would be right for you.  German 2,  2A, and 2B still have space at the Ocean Campus:

Some German classes are still open and waiting for you to stop by and sign up!

German 2 (73666)     Tuesdays, Thursdays  12:00-2:30       Ocean       SCIE 255

German 2A (73667)   Tuesdays, Thursdays  12:00-2:30      Ocean      SCIE 255

German 2B (73668)   Tuesdays, Thursdays   12:00-2:30      Ocean      SCIE 255

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