Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's Almost Time for Finals!

Here are few quick tips for students preparing for a final in German at CCSF (German 1 and 2).

First: Nur keine Panik!

Second: Use the Deutsch: Na Klar! publisher's website to review the various grammar points covered in each chapter under "Grammatik im Kontext". Consult the "Results Reporter" for each quiz and make of note of which points you need to review.

Third: Review vocabulary here and here in the Activity Pack section; look under Wörter). There are also grammar activities in the Activity Pack section.

Fourth: A tutor is available in the Learning Assistance Center (R-207). View the schedule here. Remember, too, that your instructor is available to answer your questions during posted office hours.

Fifth: Review the "Das Kann Ich Nun" at the end of each chapter. This section will provide you with an outline of what was covered in any given chapter.

Sixth: Sign up for the continuation course, for example, German 1B, if you completed 1A this semester, and so on.

During the summer, take the opportunity to watch German news (online), listen to German-language radio, go to a German restaurant and order in German. The Language Center's language learning and culture links for German has many resources for your to explore. Viel Spass!

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