Monday, May 10, 2010

Get on Board the German 3 Train, with Numerous "Stationen" Waiting for You!

Students, have you taken German 2 or 2B recently? Day or evening? Spring 2010 or earlier? Here's your chance to kick those German language skills up a notch with German 3A. "Stationen", the textbook used for this course (and an eventual 3B), focuses on aspects of culture that will intrigue you and facilitate meaningful conversation and writing practice. The numerous authentic texts -- literary, magazine and news articles, interviews, and radio reports -- complement select culture topics while the grammar topics specifically target the needs of the second-year student. You'll also build your vocabulary and enjoy a DVD with videoblogs that highlight the eleven cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland that are the "Stationen" you'll travel to. Click here to go the publisher's companion website to get a sense of what this text is about. You can also download a sample chapter (see left sidebar). So sign up now for Fall 2010!

Who: Susanne Schwarzer will teach the class
When: Monday, 6:00-9:30 from 8/16/10- 12/06/10
Where: Downtown Campus (at Mission and 4th)

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